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DIY Découpage Television Tables

17 Sep

I’ve been living with Henry (my apartment) for about seven months. This charming little apartment is finally starting to feel like home.

I haven’t purchased any sort of side or coffee table since I’ve moved in with Henry. Side tables were a luxury item that I didn’t think were necessary. After placing two wine glasses on the floor, accidentally kicking them over, and shattering them into tiny pieces, I realized side tables do, in fact, serve an important purpose.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on side tables and went searching online. I bought these simple, wooden, television tables off of kijiji. I paid $20 for these tv tables with a découpage, DIY makeover in mind.

Découpage makeover supplies: tv trays, art print or patterned paper, mod podge (I used Golden Acrylic Medium instead of mod podge), a paint brush, a pencil, a ruler, and scissors.

Découpaging is really easy. Step one: clean your soon-to-be-découpaged item. Step two: experiment with different papers and patterns. You can cut paper into tiny pieces to make a fun pattern. Overlap your paper for a collage look. Use a favourite poster to cover the surface of your DIY item. You don’t have to limit yourself to paper; you can use fabric, lace, doilies, stickers – any crafting odds and ends you have in your “I’ll use this someday for an awesome craft” supply box.

Step three: (my favourite part) get messy! My hands were covered in glue. Twenty-four hours after this craft project I was still peeling dried glue off of my hands.

Once you have made a creative decision cut paper for your furniture makeover. Cover the surface of the furniture item with the glue using a paint brush. The glue should be wet when the paper is positioned on the surface. Apply more glue or an acrylic polyurethane over the finished product. Ta-da! A little messy, but super easy, DIY project. Your friends will definitely compliment you on your fabulous, découpaged furniture (hint, friends please compliment me on my side tables when you visit).

All three television trays turned out nicely. I don’t love the baby blue and red television trays (above). I wish I picked different paper. But they are still cute and functional.

This blue checkered table is my favourite. I like the classic pattern and contrast of the periwinkle blue and pale wood on the table’s surface.

This is my favourite space in my apartment. It’s so sweet and cozy. Having a side table is a nice addition to this sunny nook. No more broken wine glasses or spilled tea for me! Hooray!

Happy crafting. XO.


Give Thanks

8 Oct

Dear Friends – Happy Turkey Weekend!

I am sure that there will be many many lists in the blogosphere this weekend of people, places and things bloggers across Canada are thankful for. Here is my very humble list,  13 things (a baker’s dozen) I’m currently thankful for.

1.    Adventure. I need more of this in my life.
2.    My afghan. My grandma knitted me an afghan as a high school graduation present. It has become my adult blankie. Yes, I have a security blanket.
3.    My Apple iMac. This is my most prized possession.  Along with my iMac I should probably also include electricity, the internet, and social media.
4.    Creativity and curiosity. We all have stories to tell and the desire to leave our own creative mark.
5.    DanceFit at the Vancouver YWCA Health and Fitness Centre. DanceFit has revolutionized my exercise routine and makes me extremely happy (and healthy!).
6.    Family. My family is fabulous and are often very entertaining. I love them dearly.
7.    Friends. They are also fabulous. And I also love them dearly.
8.    Home. I have homes in both rural Saskatchewan and East Vancouver. Both places are breathtaking beautiful and comforting.
9.    The outdoors. There is nothing more refreshing than going for a walk, a hike, or spending an afternoon at the beach. These experiences are exponentially better if the sun is shining.
10.    Secrets. I am terrible at keeping secrets, but they definitely keep things interesting.
11.    Sunshine. Sunshine makes the world go round. Literally.
12.    Tea. My caffeinated drink of choice.
13.    W(h)ine Wednesday. There is nothing better than trying to figure out life over a home cooked meal, a bottle (or two) of wine, and chocolate.

Have a lovely weekend. Thanks for reading.

What’s Your Creative Mission?

27 Aug

On Wednesday I took the day off and had a Susie-homemaker type of day. Having a whole day to selfishly bake and craft was surprisingly refreshing. Wednesday morning I baked a loaf of Banana Espresso Chocolate Chip Bread from Everyone Likes Sandwiches and Nectarine and Wild Berry Crisp from A Chow Life. Both recipes turned out great and I was very excited to take advantage of the beautiful, seasonal fruits that are overflowing in stores right now.

Nectarine and Wild Berry Crisp

Wednesday afternoon my good friend Christi came over and we had a great visit. We ate some fresh Wild Berry Crisp, drank tea, and painted our creative mission statements. Before our visit Christi read an article I posted to twitter called What’s Your Creative Mission? from Chronicle Books Blog. Christi suggested that we paint our own mission statements as inspirational (as somewhat cheesy) reminders to continue to incorporate the creative things that make us happy into our daily lives.  So we did. And it was great.

My creative mission is: To create and share my art, crafts, designs and dreams. To use my creativity and handmade dreams as a catalyst to live my best life.

Sure, my mission statement might be a bit corny. But “I like corny. I’m looking for corny in my life.


18 Jul

I’m doing my best to try and enjoy this sunless summer we’ve been having in Vancouver. Here are some things that currently make me happy.

Outdoor music festivals. Particularly  Summer Live at Stanley Park and the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

The new tea pot and blooming tea I got from Vanessa for being her maid of honour.

The herbs I potted with Crafty Ladies in May. I admit, the chives are pretty pathetic, but they are still alive! #success

My beautiful, handmade, recycled butterfly wing earrings by Asterlea Jewelry. I love them so much I got two pairs!

I like Tea

3 Dec

1.    Tea Cup Bracelets by Abigail MaryRose Clark
2.    Creamy Earl Grey (best tea ever!) by Secret Garden Tea Company
3.    Tea Lover’s Eco Cup found at Front & Company
4.    DIY Tea Shelf by Design Sponge
5.    China Cupcake Stand (love these!) by High Tea for Alice