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International Women’s Day

9 Mar

A modern progressive world needs equality.

I want to take a moment to celebrate International Women’s Day. March 8 marks a celebration of resilience, femininity, and the achievements of women around the world.

All women deserve the freedoms of health, education, and justice. All women deserve the power to give themselves and their families the best possible future. I am so incredibly fortunate to live in a time and place that is largely respectful of gender rights. We need to remain tenacious for future sustainable change.

Enjoy this mashup of girl-power, feminism, and equality.



IWD003Sarah Julia Clark.

IWD004Tales from Fish Camp: A City Girl’s Experience Working in an Alaskan Fishing Village and Feminist Ryan Gosling.


IWD006Red Prairie Press.

IWD008Do you sign emails xoxo?

IWD0013Madison Park Group.

IWD009You can be girly and a feminist.


Santigold – Girls.



embroidered postcards

3 Feb

To celebrate the New Year my friend Courtney and I exchanged handmade gifts. We’ve been exchanging DIY gifts around the holiday season since 2010. I love our gift exchanges; I look forward to them every year.

I was at a loss of what to make for Courtney this year. I took me weeks to think of an idea worthy of my friend. Our gift exchange deadline was approaching fast and I needed to commit to a project. I decided to make embroidered postcards, inspired by Freckled Nest. I love receiving mail and loved the idea of making something Courtney could share with others throughout the year.

Who wouldn’t love to receive a handmade postcard in the mail?

2013Postcards 0052013Postcards 0012013Postcards 0042013Postcards 002

Happy New Year friend! I hope you find time to share these monthly, embroidered postcards with some lucky recipients!

Share the DIY love.

ps – Check out Courtney’s lovely post on our gift exchange.

national lowercase day

14 Oct

the ultimate holiday site says it is national lowercase day, “an entire day to turn your back on everything you’ve learned about proper nouns.” a day dedicated to poor grammar. the awesomeness of this holiday is debatable. writing this blog post without capital letters is making microsoft word angry and hurting my brain.

love it or hate it – we are acknowledging national lowercase day on the bb creative. enjoy this fun project with lower case (and upper case) letters by tien-min liao.

h a n d m a d e  t y p e –  a typography experiment 

happy topographic holiday!

More Osheaga Love!

18 Aug



Je t’aime Osheaga (+ Montreal)

15 Aug

I experienced the most amazing vacation with my friend Whitney this August. We spent five glorious days in Montreal and five mind-blowing days in New York City. Friends, it doesn’t get any better than this! This vacation exceeded all of my expectations. I have so much love for these magical cities and so much to share with you! Our vacation was filled with so much incredible music, art, food, theatre, fashion, culture; just thinking about Montreal and NYC brings an indescribable happiness to my soul. What an unforgettable urban vacation!

Let’s start at the beginning. Osheaga.

My first time in Montreal. My first three day music festival. My first stay in a hostel. All good things!

Osheaga was definitely a highlight of our trip. Osheaga was everything a music festival should be. Osheaga is like summer camp for adults. It is an amazing, three day, dance party under the hot, summer sun in Montreal’s Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène with tens of thousands of music lovers from across North America. It was a beautiful venue for this epic dance party of non-stop music from my favourite artists. I can’t believe I saw Florence + The Machine, Feist, and Metric! The festival’s lineup could not have been more perfect.

Every evening Whitney and I would head back to our hostel for a drink and talk about the most memorable Osheaga moments of the day. All the musicians we saw were incredibly talented; it was difficult to pick our favourite concerts. After the festival was over I picked my top two performances of each day. All of these performances have a few things in common.

The artists smile; their smiles are so big and so contagious. You can tell they are just as excited to be at Osheaga as the crowd is. The band interacts with each other while performing; I love to see the musicians smiling and winking at each other or rocking out together during a guitar solo. All my favourite performances also included a special moment with the audience, a moment that was unique to Osheaga and could not be easily replicated. Whether it was brining the traveling Osheaga palm tree onstage, singing acapella with thousands of adoring fans, or getting the crowd to move together in unison. These are the moments the fans and artists will both remember.

So… What were my favourite performances?


Of Monsters and Men. I adore this melodic folk-rock band. I’ve been listening to them on repeat since the last day of Osheaga.

Florence + the Machine. Florence is true royalty. She is so pure and dramatic. She is so beautiful and captivating. She lived up to all of my expectations. I must see her perform again! Love her! She is bewitching.


Feist (and folk trio Mountain Man). Love this indie-folk goddess and her backup singers, Mountain Man. This may have been my favourite performance of the festival.

Adventure Club. Outdoor dance party in the middle of a beautiful park? Yes please! Also to the gay guy from Regina who told me I was beautiful, thank you for the compliment.


Dan Mangan. Dan’s smile. Adorable. Singing “Robots need love too/they want to be loved by you” in the rain. One of my favourite festival moments.

Metric. It is not possible for Emily Haines to have a bad performance. I love the way she moves. Metric has a crazy infectious stage presence. Thank you for playing Stadium Love! 



OH! How I want to go back. More of Osheaga and Montreal to come!

ps – All of these photos were taken by yours truly.

The Original Canadian Hipster

18 Jul

On Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon at the Mendel Art Gallery. After exploring the current exhibitions I visited the gift shop. I stumbled upon these completely charming Canadian Heroes! greeting cards by Wendy Tancock. I am particularly enamored with Wendy’s Mr. Dressup card.

If I ever decide to get a pet I think I will have to name him/her Finnigan.

(CBC Still Photo Collection)

Such fond childhood memories! Shows like Mr. Dressup are a great example of why it is important to support the CBC.

I’m on Mr. Dressup! from Daniel Allard on Vimeo.

Mr. Dressup was produced by CBC Television and was a staple of CBC’s morning schedule for an incredible 32 years (1967-1996). The show aired every weekday morning and featured Ernie Coombs as Mr. Dressup. Mr. Dressup, along with his friends Casey and Finnegan, entertained generations of Canadian children with simple crafts, sing-alongs, drawing lessons (my favourite), and imaginative trips to the “tickle trunk”. My childhood would not have been the same without Dr. Dressup’s calm, patient, and encouraging creativity. Mr. Dressup was wonderful.

I hope the CBC continues to engage and inspire children across our great nation with its morning television programming.

p.s. – you can check out more great greeting cards from Wendy Tancock here. CBC nerds will love this card.

Coral Sunset: Rediscovering I can still paint

8 Jul

I have been thinking about painting a canvas since February when I first met my handsom Henry. I’ve been mindlessly browsing blogs and pinterest for inspiration. There has been a lot of “creative research” but not much action. I needed a deadline; I included starting and finishing a painting on my summer to-do list.

I bought myself a canvas and some paints a couple of weeks ago. This Friday evening I had no plans and spontaneously opened a bottle of chardonnay, put on my Osheaga playlist, prepared my canvas, and pulled out my paints. I didn’t have an end product in mind; I just started slapping painting onto the canvas (literally). I haven’t painted a canvas since high school. It felt sooo good to paint with no agenda. I thought that I would be frustrated with the process but it was actually quite liberating. Yes – I can still do this!

My brush wasn’t doing an adequate job and I ended up using my hands and fingers to move the paint around the canvas. I made a gigantic mess and it was awesome.

I will admit; this painting is a little generic. You can probably buy something similar at Ikea or Winners. But I love the bright, vibrant, sunset colours, I love the geometric shapes, and I love the fact that I made it.

There is no critical theory or feminist message hidden within the layers of paint and nail polish. This painting is a combination of Henry’s empty walls, tasty chardonnay, Florence + The Machine, Feist, MGMT, and a girl trying to rediscover her inner artist.

P.S. – Coral Sunset is also the name of these gorgeous peonies. How perfect and girlie!?