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13 Mar

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about my childhood friend, Skinner. I have to confess I feel guilty writing a blog post about Skinner before writing about my very handsome cat, Neecko. If you met me 14 years ago I would have told you that Neecko was mine and Skinner belonged to my brother – though we both treated Neecko and Skinner as our furry siblings.

I loved Neecko. He was such a beautiful, mischievous Siamese.

Neecko was a true Canadian at heart – he loved hockey. My brother and I would play hockey with Neecko in the kitchen. Neecko would be the goalie. His cat food was the hockey puck. The space under the stove was the net. Hockey in the kitchen with Neecko = good times.

Neecko loved the things that most cats love: being outside, climbing trees, killing bugs and birds, brown paper bags, balls of string, wrapping paper at Christmas. Neecko was not a fan of boys, the sparrows in our backyard, or water.

I loved lazy Sundays sitting with Neecko in the sunshine and watching him play in the garden. Such an entertaining and amazing little guy!

For all the cat lovers out there – I encourage you to check out all these Etsy finds.

1. Charming watercolour painting by GalleryJuana
2. Cute vintage inspired framed print – the digital download is by petitepaperie
3. Love these vintage porcelain Siamese cat jewelry holders from Mojeart
4. Super simple acrylic painting by yellowbrickhome



22 Feb

Over the weekend I watched Marley and Me and it made me miss my black and white childhood friend, Skinner. Skinner was the perfect addition to my family; he was a clever, handsome, mischievous, energetic streak of fur. Skinner loved long walks by the fairgrounds, playing in the schoolyard, car rides, chasing things, and digging up mom’s garden. Skinner did not like getting his picture taken, fake dog bones, playing fetch, and thunder.

Skinner was beautiful and absolutely perfect. He loved us unconditionally and always always always put a smile on my face with his slightly titled head and his single crooked ear. He was so much fun – my family couldn’t have asked for a better dog. We miss him very much. This post is dedicated to you – Skinner! <3

For the love of Skinner – check out these Border Collie Etsy finds:
1.    Love this Border Collie Coffee Company poster by Gemini Studio
2.    Very cute canvas tote by Bao Studio
3.    Lovely greeting card by prettypioni designs
4.    Super charming hand carved rubber stamp by Nicole Strasburg
5.    Scrabble tile earrings by pawsintime