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More Osheaga Love!

18 Aug




Je t’aime Osheaga (+ Montreal)

15 Aug

I experienced the most amazing vacation with my friend Whitney this August. We spent five glorious days in Montreal and five mind-blowing days in New York City. Friends, it doesn’t get any better than this! This vacation exceeded all of my expectations. I have so much love for these magical cities and so much to share with you! Our vacation was filled with so much incredible music, art, food, theatre, fashion, culture; just thinking about Montreal and NYC brings an indescribable happiness to my soul. What an unforgettable urban vacation!

Let’s start at the beginning. Osheaga.

My first time in Montreal. My first three day music festival. My first stay in a hostel. All good things!

Osheaga was definitely a highlight of our trip. Osheaga was everything a music festival should be. Osheaga is like summer camp for adults. It is an amazing, three day, dance party under the hot, summer sun in Montreal’s Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène with tens of thousands of music lovers from across North America. It was a beautiful venue for this epic dance party of non-stop music from my favourite artists. I can’t believe I saw Florence + The Machine, Feist, and Metric! The festival’s lineup could not have been more perfect.

Every evening Whitney and I would head back to our hostel for a drink and talk about the most memorable Osheaga moments of the day. All the musicians we saw were incredibly talented; it was difficult to pick our favourite concerts. After the festival was over I picked my top two performances of each day. All of these performances have a few things in common.

The artists smile; their smiles are so big and so contagious. You can tell they are just as excited to be at Osheaga as the crowd is. The band interacts with each other while performing; I love to see the musicians smiling and winking at each other or rocking out together during a guitar solo. All my favourite performances also included a special moment with the audience, a moment that was unique to Osheaga and could not be easily replicated. Whether it was brining the traveling Osheaga palm tree onstage, singing acapella with thousands of adoring fans, or getting the crowd to move together in unison. These are the moments the fans and artists will both remember.

So… What were my favourite performances?


Of Monsters and Men. I adore this melodic folk-rock band. I’ve been listening to them on repeat since the last day of Osheaga.

Florence + the Machine. Florence is true royalty. She is so pure and dramatic. She is so beautiful and captivating. She lived up to all of my expectations. I must see her perform again! Love her! She is bewitching.


Feist (and folk trio Mountain Man). Love this indie-folk goddess and her backup singers, Mountain Man. This may have been my favourite performance of the festival.

Adventure Club. Outdoor dance party in the middle of a beautiful park? Yes please! Also to the gay guy from Regina who told me I was beautiful, thank you for the compliment.


Dan Mangan. Dan’s smile. Adorable. Singing “Robots need love too/they want to be loved by you” in the rain. One of my favourite festival moments.

Metric. It is not possible for Emily Haines to have a bad performance. I love the way she moves. Metric has a crazy infectious stage presence. Thank you for playing Stadium Love! 



OH! How I want to go back. More of Osheaga and Montreal to come!

ps – All of these photos were taken by yours truly.

While I’m Away…

30 Jul

Well friends, I am taking a much needed vacation. I’m not entirely sure how relaxing my time away will be, but I know it will be completely fabulous. I’ll share more about my travels when I’m back.

While I’m away please enjoy these lovely Saskatchewan landscapes my mom took this summer at a family reunion! So peaceful and serene. Very unlike my upcoming urban vacation!

For those who follow me on twitter you may have noticed that I’m a little excited for Osheaga (3 days, 18hours, and 30 minutes to go!). Looking forward to seeing Dan Mangan, one of Canada’s favorite independent musicians, live Sunday afternoon.

When I’m back in Saskatchewan I will definitely be watching What Happens Next? The Dan Mangan Documentary on CBC August 25 (or on a later date via CBC Music). I also plan to see Dan perform at the Odeon in Saskatoon with the Rural Alberta Advantage on November 3, 2012. Who wants to join me?

Yup! I’m excited! Have a fabulous, summery August. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks.


Osheaga – Female Powerhouses

22 Jul

The countdown is on! 11 days. 16hours. 10 minutes.

This summer I’m going to Osheaga (pronunciation: O (hard o)- she(soft e)- ha – ga) with my bestie and it is going to be totally amazing. I’ve never been to Montreal and I’ve never been to a three day music festival. I have very high expectations and I know that Montreal, Osheaga, and my 3,500+ new friends won’t disappoint.

Almost all of my favourite artists are performing at Osheaga 2012. I’m most excited to see Metric, Feist, and Florence + The Machine (not necessarily in that order). I have a girl-crush on these amazing, female powerhouses. I’ve seen Emily Haines and Feist perform live and they were both mesmerizing.

These women are true artists; watching them perform live is like watching an art project come to life. They show so much of their creative process during their concerts. Their performances are poetic, captivating, inspiring, thrilling. Both Emily and Feist can wail on the guitar and break your heart with a single note.




I cannot wait for this unforgettable trip! (Squeal!)