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Opinion – Blik Wall Decals

11 Mar

I recently moved from Vancouver to Saskatchewan. During this move I bought a new computer desk. I love my new desk but it currently looks like a ominous hole in the middle of my living room. To fix this very serious aesthetic issue I am going to purchase some wall decals to bring some life to my large, dark desk.

I’ve always wanted to purchase Blik wall decals for my previous Vancouver apartments. I’ve admired Blik for many years and love their original designs and artistic collaborations. I am very excited to finally splurge on wall graphics for the commitment-phobic.

I am having some troubles choosing a graphic for my desk. I am planning on putting the graphic on the inside side and back panels. Below are my top five choices. What is your opinion? Which one should I choose?!

Fishwall – Pattern Wall Tiles based on a Threadless pattern by Matias Damian Horn.

Ten – Pattern Wall Tiles based on a Threadless pattern by Dan Sheffield (in grey).

Flock by Blik (in charcoal and mint or silver).

Iron Vines by Blik (in graphite).

Lacy Sunday by Jan Habraken (in white, lilac, and deep sea or lilac, raspberry, and purple rain).

The wall tiles would completely cover the inside side and back panels of my desk. Iron Vines, Flock, and Lacy Sunday would let some of the original colour and wood grain come through the graphic cutouts. I’d really love it if you would share your opinion with me! I don’t have any artwork (other than photographs on the fireplace mantel) in my living room. My new apartment is still a blank slate and I am intimidated!

Thanks! Can’t wait to hear from you.


Doily Doily Doilies

13 Feb

I love doilies. They are simple, elegant, vintage, and timeless, all at the same time. They are just so lovely.

Enjoy this mashup of perfect doily DIY projects and doily inspired artworks. Gorgeous!

DIY Doilies

1.    Paper doily envelopes by Ruffled
2.    Free doily clipart pretties (in PDF format) from The Martha
3.    Pink doily headband by Wild Olive
4.    Paper doily lantern by With This Ring Weddings
5.    Super pretty doily/lace garland with lights found on IDIY
6.    DIY doily pillow by Smile and Wave (my favourite!)
7.    How to doily button brooch by Maximum Rabbit Designs
8.    Doily stitchery collage from Sweet Tidings (found on Craftzine.com)
9.    Step by step guide to doily invite by design.mein on Flickr
10.  Free lace pattern! From the one and only Martha Stewart

I see some doily projects in the near future for Crafty Ladies!

Doily Inspiration

1.    Doily pillow cover by Nuka
2.    Lace inspired porcelain by Raquel Masri
3.    Gorgeous steel shoves by artist Cal Lane (seriously check out this work – amazing!)
4.    Retro, modern, dainty doily clock by and furthermore,

Love love love!