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Thinking About Africa

23 Jun

It’s hard to believe next Sunday I will be in Kenya. I feel excited, nervous, and a little astonished that I am going on this incredible adventure. My heart is full. I hope to come back to Saskatoon a better person with a renewed sense of purpose.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to share the work of other creatives that inspire me. Below are some beautiful, handmade objects from Africa. The boucherouite rugs and toy animals are made from recycled materials. The textiles are made according to traditional African techniques. I love the colours, creativity and ingenuity that go into the creation of these home décor items and toys!

Africa Excitement -2North African Boucherouite Rugs.

Africa Excitement -5Ocean Sole flip-flop recycling.

Africa Excitement -3Maasai Necklace. Mudcloth Fabric. Kenya Print. Kilim Throw.

Africa Excitement -1Le Souk textiles found on decor8 and Design*Sponge.

When I return there will be a canvas waiting to capture of glimmer of what I experienced with Free The Children and Me to We. It will be a difficult artistic project, but I’m up for the challenge.



DIY Découpage Television Tables

17 Sep

I’ve been living with Henry (my apartment) for about seven months. This charming little apartment is finally starting to feel like home.

I haven’t purchased any sort of side or coffee table since I’ve moved in with Henry. Side tables were a luxury item that I didn’t think were necessary. After placing two wine glasses on the floor, accidentally kicking them over, and shattering them into tiny pieces, I realized side tables do, in fact, serve an important purpose.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on side tables and went searching online. I bought these simple, wooden, television tables off of kijiji. I paid $20 for these tv tables with a découpage, DIY makeover in mind.

Découpage makeover supplies: tv trays, art print or patterned paper, mod podge (I used Golden Acrylic Medium instead of mod podge), a paint brush, a pencil, a ruler, and scissors.

Découpaging is really easy. Step one: clean your soon-to-be-découpaged item. Step two: experiment with different papers and patterns. You can cut paper into tiny pieces to make a fun pattern. Overlap your paper for a collage look. Use a favourite poster to cover the surface of your DIY item. You don’t have to limit yourself to paper; you can use fabric, lace, doilies, stickers – any crafting odds and ends you have in your “I’ll use this someday for an awesome craft” supply box.

Step three: (my favourite part) get messy! My hands were covered in glue. Twenty-four hours after this craft project I was still peeling dried glue off of my hands.

Once you have made a creative decision cut paper for your furniture makeover. Cover the surface of the furniture item with the glue using a paint brush. The glue should be wet when the paper is positioned on the surface. Apply more glue or an acrylic polyurethane over the finished product. Ta-da! A little messy, but super easy, DIY project. Your friends will definitely compliment you on your fabulous, découpaged furniture (hint, friends please compliment me on my side tables when you visit).

All three television trays turned out nicely. I don’t love the baby blue and red television trays (above). I wish I picked different paper. But they are still cute and functional.

This blue checkered table is my favourite. I like the classic pattern and contrast of the periwinkle blue and pale wood on the table’s surface.

This is my favourite space in my apartment. It’s so sweet and cozy. Having a side table is a nice addition to this sunny nook. No more broken wine glasses or spilled tea for me! Hooray!

Happy crafting. XO.

Coral Crush

15 Jul

I really love the colour coral right now. It is so fresh and pretty! It reminds me of gorgeous Saskatchewan sunsets, tasty apricots, and childhood crayons.

I want to fill my apartment and wardrobe with coral coloured accessories to compliment my new coral coloured painting.

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.

Coral Sunset.

Jill Bliss + Handsome Henry

27 May

Some good friends of mine recently bought a house together and I wanted to give them a fabulous gift to celebrate this momentous occasion. I had no idea what to give them. Luckily the weekend before their housewarming party I found some fabulous prints by artist Jill Bliss at Luna + Hill in Saskatoon. These prints are bright, charming, and will last much longer than the cheese and crackers I originally planned to give the happy homeowners.

Jill’s prints are gorgeous, whimsical, bold, organic, honest. I immediately knew a Jill Bliss print belonged in my friends’ new home. I purchased two prints of onion, beet, carrot; one for the new homeowners and one for me and Henry (my apartment).

I love Jill’s work and think she is an incredibly thoughtful artist. Here is a little blurb on her creative process:

in my mind, “people, plants and animals” or “art, craft and design” are not so different from one another. i believe that everything and everyone are interconnected and similar—it’s just a matter of each functioning with a different set of materials, and at varying speeds and scales. i hope to call attention to these ideas in my work, and to celebrate the small overlooked details that showcase these interconnections and samenesses.

Check out these Jill Bliss lovelies!

the douglas fir print-to-order poster

the melon, pumpkin, squash print-to-order poster

the kale, chard, lettuce print-to-order poster

the sunflower notecard

the onion, beet, carrot offset poster

Jill shares, “all of my creative output finds its inspiration in the intricate details of the natural world, while exploring the colors of humanity. my deceptively simple, nature-inspired style stems from a childhood romping through northern california orchards, and then going to art school in new york and san francisco.”

I decided to hang my copy of onion, beet, carrot in my living room next to my clock and vintage wall art from my dad.

It is really lovely to display artwork that very beautifully depicts the intricate and fascinating details of the natural world.

I’ve noticed that I have a definite preference for artwork that is made with organic materials (like my apple and potato stamp prints) or has organic subject matter (like onion, beet, carrot).

It is a beautiful thing when you can incorporate a little bit of nature or nature-inspired artwork into the places you call home.

I have to admit, every day Henry feels more and more like home.

Want: Golden Yellow Sunshine

6 May

This is what it currently looks like outside. Gross.

What I really want is golden yellow sunshine! Summer, where are you?

These golden images almost make up for the lack of sunshine in Saskatoon. Almost.

1. Corrigan Chair  2. Olinda Loveseat  3. New York Tel Rotary Phone  4. Ginkgo Leaves Print Fabric  5. Gooseneck Desk Lamp  6. Daisy Chain Lamp and Pendant Shade  7. Goldenrod Retro China Teaset  8. Hello Sunshine Mug

1. Ava Sunnies  2. Vintage Leather Heels Mustard Yellow  3. 1950s Mustard Yellow A-Line Halter Dress  4. Harvest Hare wallpaper   5. Rose Ring -Mustard Yellow  6. Druzy & Shell Drops

I hope the meteorologist is correct and the sun comes out to play this week. Come on Saskatoon, I didn’t move here for the rain!

Opinion – Blik Wall Decals

11 Mar

I recently moved from Vancouver to Saskatchewan. During this move I bought a new computer desk. I love my new desk but it currently looks like a ominous hole in the middle of my living room. To fix this very serious aesthetic issue I am going to purchase some wall decals to bring some life to my large, dark desk.

I’ve always wanted to purchase Blik wall decals for my previous Vancouver apartments. I’ve admired Blik for many years and love their original designs and artistic collaborations. I am very excited to finally splurge on wall graphics for the commitment-phobic.

I am having some troubles choosing a graphic for my desk. I am planning on putting the graphic on the inside side and back panels. Below are my top five choices. What is your opinion? Which one should I choose?!

Fishwall – Pattern Wall Tiles based on a Threadless pattern by Matias Damian Horn.

Ten – Pattern Wall Tiles based on a Threadless pattern by Dan Sheffield (in grey).

Flock by Blik (in charcoal and mint or silver).

Iron Vines by Blik (in graphite).

Lacy Sunday by Jan Habraken (in white, lilac, and deep sea or lilac, raspberry, and purple rain).

The wall tiles would completely cover the inside side and back panels of my desk. Iron Vines, Flock, and Lacy Sunday would let some of the original colour and wood grain come through the graphic cutouts. I’d really love it if you would share your opinion with me! I don’t have any artwork (other than photographs on the fireplace mantel) in my living room. My new apartment is still a blank slate and I am intimidated!

Thanks! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Henry the Handsome Apartment

11 Feb

Saint Valentine’s Day is next week. Love it or hate it, it is almost here. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for bloggers (especially all the bride and wedding bloggers) to gush about how amazing their partners are. I’m single; I have no amazing boy in my life to blog about. I do, however, have an amazing new apartment! I’ve decided to name my apartment Henry.

Although I’ve only known Henry for a week, I love him. It truly was love at first sight. Henry is handsome, warm, and full of sunshine. He is a little quirky and full of vintage, 1920s charm. Henry is wonderful to come home to after a long day at work. He makes me extremely happy.

There are many things I appreciate about Henry. I love the natural light, the stand up radiators, the hardwood floors, the big bathtub… I cannot wait to start decorating and accessorizing Henry. I used to live in a basement suite and it is unbelievable how much wall space my new apartment has! I’m super excited to start working on some prints and paintings for Henry’s walls.

Since this post is all about Henry, the extremely handsome apartment, I thought that I would share some of my favourite things about this enchanting guy (?), as well as a few personal touches I’m enjoying.

As a housewarming gift my Dad went to the Salvation Arm Thrift Store and got me two pieces of vintage artwork as a gag gift. These prints were supposed to be novelty gifts, but (surprise, surprise) I love them! They suit Henry so well. If you want to get me a housewarming gift I’d be thrilled to get some more vintage works of art!

One of the cutest things about Henry is his built-in breakfast nook. It is so fun! I currently don’t have a desk so I set up my computer here. It’s so lovely to sit in this little nook on sunny weekend mornings and drink tea. I think breakfast nooks might be mandatory in all my future living spaces.

There are lots of little things that make Henry special; like the baseboards and neat entranceways. I also appreciate that he is not painted your typical apartment white or beige. He is a taupey-grey colour.

I was very lucky my parents had an extra bedroom set sitting around in their basement. My dad refinished the bedroom set, which includes this charming little vanity, a five-drawer dresser, and bed fame with headboard and footboard. This bedroom set really suites Henry’s 1920s aesthetic. I could not be more pleased.

The most original and intriguing thing about Henry is his fake fireplace. I’ve never seen anything like it before; it is a little bizarre but also pretty awesome. The fireplace is made out of glass pieces that look like embers and coal. The fireplace is surprisingly convincing and nice to have on during cold winter evenings.

I am also happy that Henry has a mantel. I am putting his fireplace mantel to good use. I love photos and am so glad that I have a place to showcase pictures of my beautiful friends and family.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day! I plan to go to the gym for my tabata class and will spend the rest of the evening eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine while I admire Henry’s weird, but pleasant, fireplace.