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My First NYC Musical

26 Aug

To see a Broadway Musical in New York has been a dream of mine since high school. Growing up in a small, farming community the big metropolis of New York City felt very far away. My worldview was small. I never knew if I would make it to New York.

In high school I was a total drama nerd. We had an amazing high school theatre program. I was involved in five shows; acting in grade nine and taking on the role of stage manager for the remainder of my high school theatre career. Being a stage manager consumed my life; I attended all rehearsals at noon, after school, and on Sundays. Being a part of these musicals was a special experience. I worked with so many talented students, teachers, and parents. We put on spectacular shows. We received standing ovations every night. Not because our parents were proud of us, but because our shows were great. I can confidently say my high school’s drama club was better than your high school’s drama club.

I know this to be true because we were the first high school in North America to receive the rights to perform Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. What an amazing feat for a high school in rural Saskatchewan!

I loved being a stage manager. It was a great learning experience. It was an introduction to a world I never knew existed. So much hard work, creativity, talent, and time went into our shows. The evening of the final performance was always bittersweet. I never wanted the show to end.

To see The Lion King in New York with my best friend was the most overwhelming and memorable experience from my epic summer vacation. It was an incredible show. It was everything I imagined a Broadway Musical would be. This musical brought the cartoon to life in such a beautiful and elegant way. It was stunning.

My heart was filled with happiness after seeing The Lion King. I am very fortunate to be in a position where I can have these experiences and make my high school dreams a reality.


Gorgeous, Bold, Amazing Paintings

19 Feb

I love painting. Or at least I used to love painting. Once upon a time (in high school) I used to think that I was quite the talented painter. I would love to start painting again. I’ve always wanted to paint a big canvas – something that is around 4’ x 5’. I’m incredibly intimated to even try. I think that I would get extremely frustrated with myself. When you have good taste it is often hard to live up to your own lofty standards. Anyone else have this problem? ;-)

Love these amazing artworks. I’m definitely attracted to the warmer colour palettes (reds, oranges pinks, purples).

Yago Hortal.
Tobias Tovera.
Cate Parr.
Philip Govedare.
Peihang Huang.
Luli Sánchez.
Simon Birch.
Michelle Armas. 
Giuseppe Basili.

Sweet Harriet

17 Apr

This afternoon I wandered over to the Croatian Culture Centre on Commercial Drive to check out Make It! The Handmade Revolution craft fair. Make It! is a one-of-a-kind craft fair with over 90 artists, crafters and designers. Got Craft describes Make It! as “the mullet of craft fairs” – craft fair in the front and party in the back with handmade shopping, a licensed bar, music by DJ Brodevious and a silent auction to benefit the Union Gospel Mission.

I love the Vancouver craft/art/diy community, it is one of the reasons I love this gorgeous city so much. Needless to say, I was quite excited to spend part of my Sunday admiring the work of this city’s talented crafters and artists.

The most exciting (and unexpected) part of the craft fair was running into Sarah Karst of Sweet Harriet.

I stopped to check out Sweet Harriet’s reworked vintage jewellery and thought Sarah looked strangely familiar. I overheard Sarah talking to a customer about her amazing Canadiana earrings made from shed deer antlers that her father finds near their family farm in Southern Saskatchewan. At once I put the puzzle pieces together and realized that Sarah and I were from the same small farming community in rural Saskatchewan; our families attended the same church growing up and her mom was my favourite middle school teacher! We didn’t attend high school at the same time,  so I think we can forgive each other for not immediately making the connection.

I love Sarah’s jewellery; I was drawn to her display before I realized our small town roots. I agree with the Georgie Straight’s description of Sweet Harriet as “honest and simple”. I cannot wait to wear and show off my antler slice earrings – such a sweet, simple, and fashionable connection to home.

It was such a pleasant surprise running into Sarah today. It was great to reconnect. It was fabulous to find earrings made with found materials from my hometown. And it is fantastic to see a small town, prairie girl find success following her dreams in the big city. Exciting stuff! Congrats Sarah!

High School Paintings

29 Jan

I loved painting in high school. I looked forward to art class every day – brushes, acrylics, canvases, messiness, freedom! Here is a showcase of some of my favourite high school paintings.

The lion is my absolute favourite painting. I painted him in grade nine. This is the first painting I ever created in an art class. I remember this assignment well; my art teacher hung a beach towel with an image of a lion on the wall and asked us to paint him. He always makes me smile, I love my lion.

High School Drawings

20 Nov

This post is dedicated to Mrs. L – my high school art teacher, mentor and friend. Mrs. L taught me how to draw, paint, silkscreen, and vent my teenage frustrations in a constructive manner. She was and still is an incredible teacher who I respect and admire. She has taught me so much and I am lucky to have had such an inspiring teacher as a teen and such a good friend as a young adult.

These are some of my favourite high school portraits and drawings.

Thanks Mrs. L!

This portrait was inspired by an image I found in a National Geographic magazine. I wish I kept the original photo.