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The Original Canadian Hipster

18 Jul

On Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon at the Mendel Art Gallery. After exploring the current exhibitions I visited the gift shop. I stumbled upon these completely charming Canadian Heroes! greeting cards by Wendy Tancock. I am particularly enamored with Wendy’s Mr. Dressup card.

If I ever decide to get a pet I think I will have to name him/her Finnigan.

(CBC Still Photo Collection)

Such fond childhood memories! Shows like Mr. Dressup are a great example of why it is important to support the CBC.

I’m on Mr. Dressup! from Daniel Allard on Vimeo.

Mr. Dressup was produced by CBC Television and was a staple of CBC’s morning schedule for an incredible 32 years (1967-1996). The show aired every weekday morning and featured Ernie Coombs as Mr. Dressup. Mr. Dressup, along with his friends Casey and Finnegan, entertained generations of Canadian children with simple crafts, sing-alongs, drawing lessons (my favourite), and imaginative trips to the “tickle trunk”. My childhood would not have been the same without Dr. Dressup’s calm, patient, and encouraging creativity. Mr. Dressup was wonderful.

I hope the CBC continues to engage and inspire children across our great nation with its morning television programming.

p.s. – you can check out more great greeting cards from Wendy Tancock here. CBC nerds will love this card.



20 Nov

It’s my blogoversary!

365 days, 121 comments, and 87 posts later The BB Creative is one year old! I’m really excited about my blogoversary. Why does this seem so much more exciting than my actual birthday?!

If you don’t mind I’m going to take a moment to reminisce and re-share some of the most popular stories, ideas, and projects I posted on The BB Creative.

I really have to thank my dear friend Vanessa for asking me to be her maid of honour and allowing me to blog about her charming Saskatchewan wedding. I loved blogging about Vanessa’s wedding and I think my readers enjoyed it as well. My posts on Vanessa’s wedding are some of the most popular stories on The BB Creative.

Want to see some amazing eye-candy (it’s 100% calorie free!)? Take a walk with me down memory lane and check out these very popular posts!

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I started The BB Creative as a space for me to explore and reconnect with my artistic childhood dreams, to showcase past and present projects, and to share the work of other creatives that inspire me. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my handmade projects with you, my readers. This blog is an excellent catalogue of projects, events, tutorials and random inspiration I’ve found on other blogs that continue to motivate me creatively.

These aren’t necessarily my most popular posts, but they are some of my favourites and I believe they are worth revisiting because they have helped me get to where I am today.

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I don’t think that I would have started this modest blog without the encouragement of the lovely Crafty Ladies! They gave me the extra little push I needed to start The BB Creative. They are the best and I love getting together for our crafternoons and later blogging about our crafty projects. Thanks for the moral support ladies!

I find keyword searches that bring people to The BB Creative really amusing. But I also take these Google keyword searches as huge compliments; I can’t believe that such lovely words direct people to my blog. Here are some of my favourite keyword searches from the past year:

  • gorgeous whimsical (love this!)
  • amazing invitations (obviously for Vanessa’s wedding)
  • vintage cheesecake (hahaha – what is vintage cheesecake?! Hilarious.)
  • hippie posters
  • i love art
  • dream

I can’t believe The BB Creative is a whole year old! Thank you so much for reading, whoever you are.  I am always amazed and surprised that people other than my mom find what I write about interesting. I know that time is a precious commodity and really appreciate that you are willing to share a small part of your busy week with me. Thank you.


Collage Collage & the National Gallery of Saskatchewan

28 Aug

Saturday afternoon I wandered down to Collage Collage and talked to painter Sarah Holtom for almost two hours. Sarah and I have never met before, but we had an awesome visit. She showed me around the studio, told me about the exciting art classes and shows that are taking place this fall, and talked nostalgia about Saskatchewan. Being a prairie girl myself, we had much to talk about!

Collage Collage – Shop, Look + Learn from Pike on Vimeo.

Collage Collage is a space in Vancouver that inspires creativity in kids and adults, with art workshops, supplies, books, magazines, objects, and more. Collage Collage is a creative place with a simple vision:

SHOP… find art supplies, a storybook, a small sculpture or a new pair of scissors.
LOOK… arts are an essential part of children’s lives, see what we have in store for everyone.
LEARN… find inspiration and investigate contemporary works through workshops and classes.

Shout out to Sad Mag! Woot Woot!

Collage Collage is an amazing space, but I want to take a moment to share more about Sarah and my love for Saskatchewan. Sarah earned her Degree in Drawing at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. After finishing her degree she worked on some pretty cool projects, including 100 Portraits of Calgary Artists and the National Gallery of Saskatchewan located in Canora, Saskatchewan.

Sarah ran the National Gallery of Saskatchewan for two years. While running the gallery she began a painting television program, with funding from the Saskatchewan Arts Board, called The Painting From Life with Sarah Holtom Show, which aired on Access Television.  Each episode documents from start to finish an oil landscape or portrait completed within an hour.

I really enjoy Sarah’s Saskatchewan landscapes from The Painting From Life with Sarah Holtom Show. I love the movement and light she was able to capture in the sky and fields. Saskatchewan is a stunning province and these paintings showcase the vibrant energy and colours of the prairies.

During our visit Sarah and I reminisced about the beautiful sunshine, changing skies, awesome summer storms, gigantic winter snow drifts, and unique community spirit that exists in Saskatchewan. People come together and support each other in ways I have not yet experienced in British Columbia. The support Sarah received while working in Canora from Access Television, the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board is pretty incredible.

Talking to Sarah definitely made me a bit homesick, but also very proud of my small town prairie roots. It was a very lovely and inspiring visit. Thanks for sharing part of your story with me Sarah! I’ll see you around at Collage Collage.

Life Drawing

30 Nov

In university I was very lucky to have the opportunity to continue my art practice with my fine arts minor. These are some of my favourite life drawings. I really enjoyed my drawing class. During this class I felt like I experienced some weird, artistic, right of passage learning how to ‘draw life’. Life drawing is something all (visual) art students learn at some point during their artistic career. It was nice to be a part of that experience.

Life drawing is very liberating. It’s an odd feeling to draw someone who is so vulnerable and open and trusting. The technique for life drawing is surprisingly different from other types of drawing, like my high school portraits, for example. It’s much more fluid and organic.

Now, if I was a clever person, I would make some smart metaphor about life and life drawing being organic… but I’m not very witty!

High School Drawings

20 Nov

This post is dedicated to Mrs. L – my high school art teacher, mentor and friend. Mrs. L taught me how to draw, paint, silkscreen, and vent my teenage frustrations in a constructive manner. She was and still is an incredible teacher who I respect and admire. She has taught me so much and I am lucky to have had such an inspiring teacher as a teen and such a good friend as a young adult.

These are some of my favourite high school portraits and drawings.

Thanks Mrs. L!

This portrait was inspired by an image I found in a National Geographic magazine. I wish I kept the original photo.