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Coral Crush

15 Jul

I really love the colour coral right now. It is so fresh and pretty! It reminds me of gorgeous Saskatchewan sunsets, tasty apricots, and childhood crayons.

I want to fill my apartment and wardrobe with coral coloured accessories to compliment my new coral coloured painting.

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.

Coral Sunset.


Victoria Day Long Weekend

22 May

For the Victoria Day long weekend in Saskatchewan I took a bit of a technology fast (I spent very limited time on my phone and computer) and visited with friends and family. It was so incredibly lovely and relaxing. Here are some highlights from my three-day Saskatchewan staycation.

Sun bathing and cloud watching.

DIY polkadot pedicures.

Watching my family be way more productive than me (and not feeling guilty about it).

A photo of my mom taking photos of…

A baby robin!

Finding family treasures. I found this beautiful vintage purse on my grandparents’ farm. It used to belong to my Mémère. Now it’s mine!

Hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend as well.


22 Feb

Over the weekend I watched Marley and Me and it made me miss my black and white childhood friend, Skinner. Skinner was the perfect addition to my family; he was a clever, handsome, mischievous, energetic streak of fur. Skinner loved long walks by the fairgrounds, playing in the schoolyard, car rides, chasing things, and digging up mom’s garden. Skinner did not like getting his picture taken, fake dog bones, playing fetch, and thunder.

Skinner was beautiful and absolutely perfect. He loved us unconditionally and always always always put a smile on my face with his slightly titled head and his single crooked ear. He was so much fun – my family couldn’t have asked for a better dog. We miss him very much. This post is dedicated to you – Skinner! <3

For the love of Skinner – check out these Border Collie Etsy finds:
1.    Love this Border Collie Coffee Company poster by Gemini Studio
2.    Very cute canvas tote by Bao Studio
3.    Lovely greeting card by prettypioni designs
4.    Super charming hand carved rubber stamp by Nicole Strasburg
5.    Scrabble tile earrings by pawsintime

Recycled Newspaper Roundup

6 Feb

We can always find more ways to recycle our newspapers!

1.    I found this awesome bag by Kate Spade on My Favorite Color is Shiny.
2.    Can’t afford a designer bag? Make your own!
3.    Love love love these doilies. The doily news by odc.
4.    Recycle your newspaper into handspun yarn.
5.    Send a preppy note with these DIY argyle cards by Design Sponge.

The Phoebe Bag by my Mom

3 Jan

Happy New Year!

I am dedicating my first entry of 2011 to my mom. My mom is a pretty talented lady. She knows how to cook, sew, garden, and make things around the house look pretty. She is also crafty, as I mentioned in a previous post, she used to lead our 4-H Craft group. In 2010 she started to dabble in photography and joined a photo club. She is a busy lady who always has a project on the go.

I really love getting handmade gifts. And I really love purses. For the last three or four years I asked my parents for a new purse for Christmas. This year I decided to change things up and asked my mom to make me a purse for Christmas.

My mom surprised me and made me two fabulous purses for Christmas.

My mom made me the Phoebe Bag designed by Artsy-Crafty Babe. My mom made a few edits to the pattern, she extended the shoulder strap and added some extra pockets for my cell phone and lip balm. There are lots of great (and free) bag patterns on Artsy-Crafty Babe that I encourage you to check out if you can sew.

Thanks for the purses mom! I love my bags – they will definitely be well used.