It is January – the month to set goals and personal expectations for the upcoming year. After much consideration I have created a solid list of 2013 Action Items.

Take driving lessons, practice driving, and drive home to visit my family at least once this year. Contrary to popular belief I do have my driver’s license, I just don’t use it. I would like that to change.

Surprise Elysse, Alisha, Vanessa and Deanne with a simple and thoughtful gift that is unrelated to their birthday or any holiday. Looking forward to this!

Invest in my education. I miss school. I miss learning. I would like to take a class and learn a new artistic skill or improve on my marketing and communication techniques. I want to be challenged (by more than work and timelines).

Enjoy more live entertainment. I love the arts. I never regret going to a show or gallery. I need to take time out of my schedule to enjoy and support Saskatoon’s amazing arts and culture scene.

Smile and laugh more. The best compliment of 2012 was when my friend Vanessa told me she loves my smile and laugh. This is one of the kindest things anyone has said to me. I would like this happy trend to continue.

Love my friends. I surround myself with people who I admire and respect. My friends are incredible. I want to create some unforgettable memories with the wonderful women in my life this year.

Find a mentor. Since I moved to Saskatoon I have been craving the guidance and opinion of a successful female communications/marketing professional. I would like to find that special person this year.

Embrace adventure. This summer I am going on a Free The Children/Me to We volunteer trip to Africa. I am ecstatic! This will be a life changing, unforgettable experience. I know this will be the highlight of my year.


Good luck with your goals for 2013! I hope these resolutions from the To Resolve Project provide you with a little bit of visual encouragement.

ToResolve2013 -2Grab coffee or beer by Gerren Lamson

ToResolve2013 -3Make shit awe-some by Richard Perez

ToResolve2013 -4Read more books by Chris McAuley

ToResolve2013 -5See the world by Trevor Rogers

ToResolve2013 -6Stay curious by Eliza Cerdeiros