Peacock Inspired Halloween

29 Oct

I spent the evening listening to Vinyl Cafe with the wonderful Stuart McLean. This week’s podcast was a special treat with musical guest Whitehorse and great Dave and Morley stories from Halloweens past. It was a heartwarming podcast with enchanting music and sweet Halloween memories.

Stuart says there is something special about Halloween. He believes no holiday resonates more in the souls of the innocent, the souls of children, than All Hallows Eve. I agree. Halloween is a wonderful day to be a child; you are rewarded for your bravery and creativity with sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

I don’t anticipate Halloween the way I used to as a child  – but I still enjoy the opportunity to dress up, eat chocolate, and celebrate with friends.  I was very lucky to be invited to a great house party and strut around in my very purple, very fabulous, DIY peacock costume.

Fun side note: One partygoer mentioned that I was not just any peacock; I was a male peacock. Could I make the argument I was crossdressing Saturday night?! Because that would make my peacock costume even more fabulous!

What do you need to be a magnificent, purple peacock? Not much. I wore a blue shirt, teal tights, magenta skirt, lots of glittery makeup and purple eyeliner (all items I already owned). I finished the bird-inspired look off with a DIY tutu made of tulle and felt. I also added a flapper inspired, sequenced headband. I spent $25 and two hours on my peacock outfit, which is the perfect amount of money and time to spend crafting a Halloween costume.

I love the way my peacock tutu turned out! I adore the piles of tulle, felt feathers, and bright colours. It was so much fun to dress up and enjoy some of the Halloween magic I used to love so much as a child.

Happy Halloween!

I’m going to leave you with this beautifully haunting song from Whitehorse! XO


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