Jill Bliss + Handsome Henry

27 May

Some good friends of mine recently bought a house together and I wanted to give them a fabulous gift to celebrate this momentous occasion. I had no idea what to give them. Luckily the weekend before their housewarming party I found some fabulous prints by artist Jill Bliss at Luna + Hill in Saskatoon. These prints are bright, charming, and will last much longer than the cheese and crackers I originally planned to give the happy homeowners.

Jill’s prints are gorgeous, whimsical, bold, organic, honest. I immediately knew a Jill Bliss print belonged in my friends’ new home. I purchased two prints of onion, beet, carrot; one for the new homeowners and one for me and Henry (my apartment).

I love Jill’s work and think she is an incredibly thoughtful artist. Here is a little blurb on her creative process:

in my mind, “people, plants and animals” or “art, craft and design” are not so different from one another. i believe that everything and everyone are interconnected and similar—it’s just a matter of each functioning with a different set of materials, and at varying speeds and scales. i hope to call attention to these ideas in my work, and to celebrate the small overlooked details that showcase these interconnections and samenesses.

Check out these Jill Bliss lovelies!

the douglas fir print-to-order poster

the melon, pumpkin, squash print-to-order poster

the kale, chard, lettuce print-to-order poster

the sunflower notecard

the onion, beet, carrot offset poster

Jill shares, “all of my creative output finds its inspiration in the intricate details of the natural world, while exploring the colors of humanity. my deceptively simple, nature-inspired style stems from a childhood romping through northern california orchards, and then going to art school in new york and san francisco.”

I decided to hang my copy of onion, beet, carrot in my living room next to my clock and vintage wall art from my dad.

It is really lovely to display artwork that very beautifully depicts the intricate and fascinating details of the natural world.

I’ve noticed that I have a definite preference for artwork that is made with organic materials (like my apple and potato stamp prints) or has organic subject matter (like onion, beet, carrot).

It is a beautiful thing when you can incorporate a little bit of nature or nature-inspired artwork into the places you call home.

I have to admit, every day Henry feels more and more like home.


One Response to “Jill Bliss + Handsome Henry”

  1. intecoolochoberord May 28, 2012 at 4:07 am #

    Beautiful work! Love the onion, beet, carrot print!

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