This is what it currently looks like outside. Gross.

What I really want is golden yellow sunshine! Summer, where are you?

These golden images almost make up for the lack of sunshine in Saskatoon. Almost.

1. Corrigan Chair  2. Olinda Loveseat  3. New York Tel Rotary Phone  4. Ginkgo Leaves Print Fabric  5. Gooseneck Desk Lamp  6. Daisy Chain Lamp and Pendant Shade  7. Goldenrod Retro China Teaset  8. Hello Sunshine Mug

1. Ava Sunnies  2. Vintage Leather Heels Mustard Yellow  3. 1950s Mustard Yellow A-Line Halter Dress  4. Harvest Hare wallpaper   5. Rose Ring -Mustard Yellow  6. Druzy & Shell Drops

I hope the meteorologist is correct and the sun comes out to play this week. Come on Saskatoon, I didn’t move here for the rain!