Poetry Sunday

26 Feb

I recently moved to Saskatoon and am enjoying exploring what this new-to-me city has to offer. Shortly after moving here a friend introduced me to Tonight it’s Poetry, an event that takes place Sunday evenings at Lydia’s Pub. Tonight it’s Poetry is a community event where emerging and professional poets gather to share their poems and stories. Tonight it’s Poetry is a lovely way to end the weekend and start the week feeling fresh and inspired (or at least entertained).

Last Sunday Tonight it’s Poetry held a haiku death match. Some of the haiku’s were hilarious. Unfortunately I don’t remember any of them. Here is one I pulled off their blog:

the worst time to have
a heart attack is during
a game of charades

The week come to and end and I’m looking forward to quiet Sunday evening at Lydia’s. In anticipation of Tonight it’s Poetry I have written a poem with the help of Bentlily’s one poem a day project. I discovered this website through my good friend Megan, who is always sharing awesome stuff she finds on the internet.

The purpose of one poem a day is “to be present”. Samantha Reynolds, the creator of Bentlily, dares anyone who stumbles upon her website to:

Be a poet for a day.  Let the world in and watch as it tumbles out from your fingertips onto the page, revealing shades of the day you would otherwise surely have missed.

Here is my attempt at being poetic. My poem was written with the help of InstaPoem. InstaPoem is simple, fun, and makes you sound inspired. A more eloquent way of phrasing that would be InstaPoem helps you articulate your hidden inspiration.

Here is my friend Megan’s poem.

You also may want to check out Samantha’s daily poem.

Are you feeling poetic today? I encourage you to try out InstaPoem. If you are feeling especially creative I challenge you to write a poem using only pen and paper! Be sure to share a link to your poem in the comment section.

Happy Sunday.


One Response to “Poetry Sunday”

  1. daringtobe February 26, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    I’ve always meant to check out Tonight It’s Poetry but have yet to make it to a show. Sounds like just as much fun as I imagined. Maybe one day I’ll have to drag myself there! Love the post. xo

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