Gorgeous, Bold, Amazing Paintings

19 Feb

I love painting. Or at least I used to love painting. Once upon a time (in high school) I used to think that I was quite the talented painter. I would love to start painting again. I’ve always wanted to paint a big canvas – something that is around 4’ x 5’. I’m incredibly intimated to even try. I think that I would get extremely frustrated with myself. When you have good taste it is often hard to live up to your own lofty standards. Anyone else have this problem? ;-)

Love these amazing artworks. I’m definitely attracted to the warmer colour palettes (reds, oranges pinks, purples).

Yago Hortal.
Tobias Tovera.
Cate Parr.
Philip Govedare.
Peihang Huang.
Luli Sánchez.
Simon Birch.
Michelle Armas. 
Giuseppe Basili.

2 Responses to “Gorgeous, Bold, Amazing Paintings”

  1. universodentro February 19, 2012 at 6:22 pm #

    Yes, I understand you completely. But I think you should give painting another go!
    I don’t let the amazingness of some people(as seen above) stop me. I just take it in and hope it provides me with some inspiration for my next paintings. and I’ve just taken it on at 27 years old. And I learn a lot from youtube.
    I tell myself Art is not about excellence. It’s about expression.
    In fact, I take joy in the fact that I ended up liking all my paintings.
    They are my little mediocrities, and that’s ok. (I had no training whatsoever and struggle with light and shadow concepts)
    And it’s hilarious how many people look at some of them and say they’d buy them.. or hang them on their living room walls. But it’s not about the money. :)


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