Saint Valentine’s Day is next week. Love it or hate it, it is almost here. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for bloggers (especially all the bride and wedding bloggers) to gush about how amazing their partners are. I’m single; I have no amazing boy in my life to blog about. I do, however, have an amazing new apartment! I’ve decided to name my apartment Henry.

Although I’ve only known Henry for a week, I love him. It truly was love at first sight. Henry is handsome, warm, and full of sunshine. He is a little quirky and full of vintage, 1920s charm. Henry is wonderful to come home to after a long day at work. He makes me extremely happy.

There are many things I appreciate about Henry. I love the natural light, the stand up radiators, the hardwood floors, the big bathtub… I cannot wait to start decorating and accessorizing Henry. I used to live in a basement suite and it is unbelievable how much wall space my new apartment has! I’m super excited to start working on some prints and paintings for Henry’s walls.

Since this post is all about Henry, the extremely handsome apartment, I thought that I would share some of my favourite things about this enchanting guy (?), as well as a few personal touches I’m enjoying.

As a housewarming gift my Dad went to the Salvation Arm Thrift Store and got me two pieces of vintage artwork as a gag gift. These prints were supposed to be novelty gifts, but (surprise, surprise) I love them! They suit Henry so well. If you want to get me a housewarming gift I’d be thrilled to get some more vintage works of art!

One of the cutest things about Henry is his built-in breakfast nook. It is so fun! I currently don’t have a desk so I set up my computer here. It’s so lovely to sit in this little nook on sunny weekend mornings and drink tea. I think breakfast nooks might be mandatory in all my future living spaces.

There are lots of little things that make Henry special; like the baseboards and neat entranceways. I also appreciate that he is not painted your typical apartment white or beige. He is a taupey-grey colour.

I was very lucky my parents had an extra bedroom set sitting around in their basement. My dad refinished the bedroom set, which includes this charming little vanity, a five-drawer dresser, and bed fame with headboard and footboard. This bedroom set really suites Henry’s 1920s aesthetic. I could not be more pleased.

The most original and intriguing thing about Henry is his fake fireplace. I’ve never seen anything like it before; it is a little bizarre but also pretty awesome. The fireplace is made out of glass pieces that look like embers and coal. The fireplace is surprisingly convincing and nice to have on during cold winter evenings.

I am also happy that Henry has a mantel. I am putting his fireplace mantel to good use. I love photos and am so glad that I have a place to showcase pictures of my beautiful friends and family.

Happy Early Valentine’s Day! I plan to go to the gym for my tabata class and will spend the rest of the evening eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine while I admire Henry’s weird, but pleasant, fireplace.