Toy Stories: Aled Lewis + le animalé

27 Nov

I love things that are charming, clever, and endearing.

I stumbled across Aled Lewis this week on the City of Skies blog. I love Aled’s awesomely hilarious pieces for his Make Something Cool Every Day Project. They are so funny and smart!

These are some of my favourite Toy Stories prints from Aled. There’s a whole lot more to the series, which you can see on Flickr or Tumblr.

I wanted to find other quirky plastic toy figurine art projects for this post – but it looks like Aled is completely original, which is refreshingly rare these days!

Laura of le animalé’s work has a similar quirkness to Aled’s plastic figurine prints. Her work is influenced by the eccentric, humorous, adorable, and uplifting personalities of animals.

I am having a bit of an uninspired (and extremely busy) weekend. I hope this post isn’t too cutesy for you! I personally think these artists are more clever than cute. I will start sharing some Christmas related posts soon.



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