Prairie Connections – Jim Nodge

13 Nov

Vancouver’s Circle Craft Christmas Market opened November 9, officially welcoming the Christmas season to Rain City.

I love Christmas craft fairs; they are always a holiday highlight for me. With my parents in Vancouver for the long weekend I knew that I had to take them to experience this overwhelming (but usually enjoyable) Christmas market.

For those of you who do not know me personally, I am a prairie girl from a rural, small town in Saskatchewan. Since moving to Vancouver I have realized that Saskatchewanians (this is a real word) are everywhere. But I’m still surprised when I run into other creatives from Saskatchewan when visiting art galleries and craft fairs.

While exploring the Circle Craft Market my parents and I stumbled upon the quirky work of Jim Nodge. Jim Nodge is a metal sculptor and farmer who works in Craik, Saskatchewan. Jim creates fantastical creatures from old machine parts and tools. His work is completely unique and unlike any other exhibitor at the Circle Craft Marketplace. Jim is a refreshing addition to this year’s Christmas market. I haven’t seen anything similar to these kitschy sculptures in the handmade arts and crafts world.

A quote from Jim on his artwork and creative process: With my welder, my twisted imagination, and a bit of humour, I create creatures from familliar pieces. As a farmer, I’ve spent a career working with old iron and often see beauty and art in the shapes of individual parts, beauty that is beyond their intended purposes.

I love how Jim describes old iron and machinery as beautiful. His creatures are so intricate, unconventional, and strangely charming.

Photos from the Circle Craft Flickr Collection.

I think listening to my parents talk to Jim and his partner about his artwork and their poor crops this summer was the highlight of Circle Craft for me this year.

Though being chased down by the Metropolitan Chef for not purchasing any of his seasoning rubs was also highly entertaining. To thank me for being so disinterested in his product, the Metropolitan Chef chased me down the aisles at Circle Craft and gave me a package of his West Coast Salmon Rub. I’ve never had better customer service!


One Response to “Prairie Connections – Jim Nodge”

  1. Christina November 13, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

    Haha! I avoided the food-type booths entirely! Glad you enjoyed it there, too :-)

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