My Mood Board

22 Oct

I’m currently taking Decor8’s Blogging Your Way e-course. One of the optional assignments for this class is to create a mood board that best defines your blogging (and personal) style. So here is it: The BB Creative’s mood board. And yes, I am a keener and completing the optional homework assignments.

Friends and somewhat-loyal readers: do you think this mood board accurately captures my style and personal aesthetic? Does it scream “Brianna!” (in the best possible way)?

I tried to work some Adobe Creative Suite magic on my mood board, with semi-successful results. Oh well, I’m still going to share my attempt to teach myself new design skills (if you click on the image you can actually read the text).

Fun items included in my blogging mood board:

  • My Can’t Stop linocut print
  • Handmade Nation: the first book I’ve ever had signed by the author
  • Vintage inspired linocut prints I made for a friend
  • Vintage keys from my trip to Portland
  • A pretty earring: a gift from Vanessa for being her maid of honour
  • A project from my university InDesign sketchbook
  • An unsentimental bow that I cut off the waistband of a dress I bought
  • Uppercase Magazine
  • A Crafty Ladies crafternoon project
  • Paintbrushes: I used to love painting and should probably try to take it up again

Check out the Blogging Your Way Flickr group to see more blogging mood boards from the class.


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