Ice Cube Resin Magnets

12 Sep

According to my fabulous readers (and WordPress stats) one of the most popular posts on The BB Creative is my tutorial on how to make resin magnets.

Resin magnets are a very simple and easy craft. My previous post covers all the instructions for this quirky craft, but I wanted to share some photos with more detail on how to create these fun, ice cube shaped magnets. 

Step One – Gather Supplies

  • Hard plastic ice cube trays (polypropylene ice cube trays).
  • Castin’ Craft Casting Resin (I found this at Opus).
  • A container to mix the resin in (I used a left over glass jar).
  • Various odds and ends, for this batch of magnets I used: miniature clothes pins, embroidery thread, straight pins, old computer keys, paper clips, beads, paper flowers, plastic dragonflies, and fresh flowers.
  • Magnets.
  • Glue gun and glue sticks.

Step Two – Fill Ice Cube Trays

  • I recommend that you create this craft in a well ventilated area. The resin smells terrible. I worked on this craft outside on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Perfect!
  • Please carefully read the directions for the casting resin. Stir the catalyst into the resin at the recommended ratio. Mix well (for at least one minute).
  • Pour a little bit of the casting resin into the bottom of the ice cube tray. Allow the resin to set.
  • Place your crafting supplies, trinkets, keepsakes, and miniature items into the ice cube tray on top of the set resin. Pour more resin in the ice cube tray until the trinket is covered.

Step Three – Allow to set & Enjoy

  • Allow to set completely (this will take several hours). Leave the tray outside or in a well ventilated area to set. It will smell.
  • Pop out your resin ice cubes. The resin will become more clear with time.
  • Hot glue a magnet onto the back and enjoy!


2 Responses to “Ice Cube Resin Magnets”

  1. Lieslmama September 12, 2011 at 11:49 pm #

    Wow Brianna – I’m inspired. This actually looks like something I could pull off with my son!

  2. Cindy October 9, 2011 at 6:46 am #

    The magnets look awesome! I think I might have to try this.

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