This post is dedicated to my good friend, Deanne, who just Can’t Stop!

Every Wednesday night I go over to Deanne’s for W(h)ine Wednesdays. Deanne cooks and I bring over a bottle of wine and we have amazing conversations about the woes of being a millennial and how we are constantly surprised that life gets much more complicated after you finish university. Who knew? Certainly not us. After being out of university for a couple of years you think we would get over this fact by now, but it still seems to be a popular topic.

During these lovely evenings we come up with great mantras like Can’t Stop. Deanne and I (more particularly Deanne) just Can’t Stop – once we start a project or have a brilliant idea we are dedicated. We can’t stop. And in a town like Vancouver, you really can’t stop. You always have to hustle to get where you want to be.

I’ve wanted to make a poster for our fabulous mantra for months. And I’ve finally started the creative process. This is a work in progress, so be kind and check in later for the final poster.


Playing with fonts. Thinking about kerning, leading, and white space. Punctuation or no punctuation? Fonts from left to right: Jenna Sue, Mabella, Marker Felt, and Natural Log. I think I like Jenna Sue and Natural Log best.


Lino cutting my first Can’t Stop stamp. I love the look of lino cuts. And I love the process. Check out my tutorial on how to make your who lino cut prints.


I scanned my print and edited it a bit in photoshop. The background canvas texture is from Fuzzimo. Fuzzimo has lots of great free resources for artists, their website is definitely worth a visit!


To Deanne, who is going to be wildly successful, because she Can’t Stop!

Other mantra’s Deanne and I have recently embraced: Chill the Fuck Out and Embrace the Chaos. Do you see a theme here?