Portland Love – Favourite Eats

3 May

I’m still daydreaming about my trip to Portland. It was a lovely trip. I have to confess Whitney and I planned most our trip around food. There is so much good food in Portland we wanted to make sure we hit up all the local’s favourite spots. I highly recommend everywhere we ate.

Enjoy the eye-candy! The food was delish.

Birthday Eats

On my birthday Whitney spoiled me and treated me to dinner, dessert, and drinks (thanks Whitney!). I know I am not a food critic and that I cannot adequately describe our meals, so I’m just going to share with you what we ate and where! Enjoy the photos of our feast!

  1. Grüner:  grilled golden trout, sorrel cream sauce, egg mimosa, chives, dill, sauteed radishes
  2. Grüner: grilled quail stuffed with spicy duck sausage, served with sauteed greens, caramelized turnips and a creamy potato gratin with gruyère
  3. Grüner: a selection of alpine cheese, toasted walnuts, apples, muesli cracker, rhubarb-elderflower jam
  4. Cylde Common: Buffalo Trace bourbon ice cream ‘baked alaska’, chocolate mousse,
 pecan praline (this was my birthday cake! yum!)
  5. Cylde Common: banana pudding trifle, burnt meringue, peanut butter sandwich cookie

Non-Birthday Eats

  1. Vertable Quandary: Brioche French toast
  2. Vertable Quandary: Eggs benedict on alonso’s house made English muffin
  3. Kenny and Zuke’s Delicatessen: Pastrami on rye
  4. Local wine: Willamette Valley riesling
  5. Another plug for the Portland Saturday Market
  6. A ‘small’ ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s
  7. Stumptown Coffee Roasters – I am a tea drinker but enjoyed drinking Stumptown Coffee all weekend (lattes of course, I couldn’t handle regular coffee)

ps: Grüner, which means “greener” in German


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