Sweet Harriet

17 Apr

This afternoon I wandered over to the Croatian Culture Centre on Commercial Drive to check out Make It! The Handmade Revolution craft fair. Make It! is a one-of-a-kind craft fair with over 90 artists, crafters and designers. Got Craft describes Make It! as “the mullet of craft fairs” – craft fair in the front and party in the back with handmade shopping, a licensed bar, music by DJ Brodevious and a silent auction to benefit the Union Gospel Mission.

I love the Vancouver craft/art/diy community, it is one of the reasons I love this gorgeous city so much. Needless to say, I was quite excited to spend part of my Sunday admiring the work of this city’s talented crafters and artists.

The most exciting (and unexpected) part of the craft fair was running into Sarah Karst of Sweet Harriet.

I stopped to check out Sweet Harriet’s reworked vintage jewellery and thought Sarah looked strangely familiar. I overheard Sarah talking to a customer about her amazing Canadiana earrings made from shed deer antlers that her father finds near their family farm in Southern Saskatchewan. At once I put the puzzle pieces together and realized that Sarah and I were from the same small farming community in rural Saskatchewan; our families attended the same church growing up and her mom was my favourite middle school teacher! We didn’t attend high school at the same time,  so I think we can forgive each other for not immediately making the connection.

I love Sarah’s jewellery; I was drawn to her display before I realized our small town roots. I agree with the Georgie Straight’s description of Sweet Harriet as “honest and simple”. I cannot wait to wear and show off my antler slice earrings – such a sweet, simple, and fashionable connection to home.

It was such a pleasant surprise running into Sarah today. It was great to reconnect. It was fabulous to find earrings made with found materials from my hometown. And it is fantastic to see a small town, prairie girl find success following her dreams in the big city. Exciting stuff! Congrats Sarah!


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