Crafty Ladies

23 Nov

During our undergrad at university my good friend Deanne and I started a monthly crafting group, cleverly named Crafty Ladies. I love our crafting group and look forward to our Crafty Ladies crafternoons every month. I love the feeling of community our small group has. We always have a fabulous time making crafts, drinking tea, and sharing stories.

Deanne and I met most of our crafting friends at university, so the discussions we share over crafting and tea can be quite interesting. Not to sound pretentious but I remember talking about Marxist and feminist theory while we decorated cupcakes with icing and smarties. And discussing possible improvements to the Canadian education system along with the latest news headlines, including how multiculturalism in Germany has (arguably) failed, while learning how to knit a cowl scarf.

Afternoons like that are my favourite. It feels good to make something homemade while conducting mildly intelligent conversations. It’s not all about academia though; crafternoons are also a time to share life’s frustrations and stresses with supportive and encouraging friends. Love you ladies!

I will be showcasing some of our fabulous Crafty Ladies projects on The BB Creative. When possible I will also post directions or links to tutorials.

Check out some of the trendy accessories we Crafty Ladies have made. We are not only crafty, but stylish!

The pattern for the cowl scarf (the long purple scarf) can be found on the purl bee. My cowl doesn’t look exactly like it’s supposed to – but it was a good first try! The scarflet (my first attempt at knitting) doesn’t have a pattern.

Sorry – I can’t find the tutorials used for these pretty, purple headbands. Just be creative and use your imagination.


8 Responses to “Crafty Ladies”

  1. Courtney December 1, 2010 at 11:08 am #

    I love how everyone’s cowls turned out differently! That’s one thing I love about knitting accessories — even if you switch up the needle size and yarn type, the project will still (usually) turn out. I also love how you’ve summed up our Crafty Ladies group — well done!

  2. Sharon December 2, 2010 at 6:24 pm #

    Way to go on your Crafty Ladies.
    Enjoy and be creative.


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