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November 2012 Desktop Calendars

4 Nov

Wow! I find it hard to believe it is November (Movember) and there are only two months of 2012 left. This has been such a crazy, big life changes, big lessons learned type of year for me. What exciting things are you going to do with the last 57 days of 2012?

I hope enjoying these free desktop calendars and Movember illustrations is on your to-do list!

Jason Krieger.

Kinnon Elliott.

Paper Leaf.

Oana Befort.

Love this Movember 2011 calendar by Tiny Makers.

This is such a fun his and her Movember illustration! Beautiful work, Erika Altosaar.

Want more Movember fun? Check out the Pinterest blog!

DIY Halloween Inspiration

21 Oct

What are your Halloween costume plans this year?!

Unicorn. Rabbit. Loofah.

Lady Bird. Orange Owl. Child Owl.

Mr. Fox.

Masquerade Mask.

Frizzy Halloween Hair.

Peacock Tutu. (I’d love to do an adult version of this!)

October 2012 Desktop Calendars

3 Oct

Welcome to October! Have a wonderful month filled love, laughter, and treats (both Thanksgiving and Halloween).

Dear Friend.

Kinnon Elliott.

Paper Leaf.

Oana Befort.

I’m excited for the long weekend (and following four day work week). There is sure to be lots of sleeping and possibly some pumpkin pie!

September 2012 Desktop Calendars

3 Sep

It’s the last long weekend of summer. I am thankful for the long weekend but sad it’s the end of the summer season. I hope the sunshine and warm weather stays with us this fall!

Enjoy these September desktop calendars.

Jason Krieger.

Dear Friend.

Kinnon Elliott’s patio lanterns.

Paper Leaf.

Oana Befort.

Goodbye summer! I will miss you!

August 2012 Desktop Calendars

29 Jul

Happy August! I’m sharing this month’s desktop calendars early as I’m away from my computer the next couple of weekends. Have a wonderful August! I hope you get to enjoy some time away this lovely summer month.

Oana Befort August Desktop Calendar (my fav this month!).

Jason Krieger August 2012 Wallpaper.

Kinnon Elliott’s lake inspired August 2012 Calendar.

Don’t forget Paper Leaf, Dear Friend, and Forgotten Fancies usually have wonderful desktop wallpapers as well.

On a completely different, but summer related, topic… I LOVE this series, A La Plage, A La Piscine, from Maison Gray (found via Breanna Rose). Maison describes these images as “summer bliss”. I completely agree.

The Original Canadian Hipster

18 Jul

On Sunday I spent a lovely afternoon at the Mendel Art Gallery. After exploring the current exhibitions I visited the gift shop. I stumbled upon these completely charming Canadian Heroes! greeting cards by Wendy Tancock. I am particularly enamored with Wendy’s Mr. Dressup card.

If I ever decide to get a pet I think I will have to name him/her Finnigan.

(CBC Still Photo Collection)

Such fond childhood memories! Shows like Mr. Dressup are a great example of why it is important to support the CBC.

I’m on Mr. Dressup! from Daniel Allard on Vimeo.

Mr. Dressup was produced by CBC Television and was a staple of CBC’s morning schedule for an incredible 32 years (1967-1996). The show aired every weekday morning and featured Ernie Coombs as Mr. Dressup. Mr. Dressup, along with his friends Casey and Finnegan, entertained generations of Canadian children with simple crafts, sing-alongs, drawing lessons (my favourite), and imaginative trips to the “tickle trunk”. My childhood would not have been the same without Dr. Dressup’s calm, patient, and encouraging creativity. Mr. Dressup was wonderful.

I hope the CBC continues to engage and inspire children across our great nation with its morning television programming.

p.s. – you can check out more great greeting cards from Wendy Tancock here. CBC nerds will love this card.

Coral Crush

15 Jul

I really love the colour coral right now. It is so fresh and pretty! It reminds me of gorgeous Saskatchewan sunsets, tasty apricots, and childhood crayons.

I want to fill my apartment and wardrobe with coral coloured accessories to compliment my new coral coloured painting.

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.

Coral Sunset.

July 2012 Desktop Calendars

3 Jul

Happy July! Summer is officially here. I enjoyed my first vacation of 2012; I ate too much cheese, drank too much wine, and stayed up late too many nights in a row. It was exhausting and wonderful. I’m looking forward to many more late nights and sunny adventures this July.

Oana Befort July Desktop Calendar.

Paper Leaf July 2012 Wallpaper.

Jason Krieger Grunge July 2012 Wallpaper.

Dear Friend July 2012 Calendar.

Pepper and Buttons July 2012 Wallpaper.

 p.s. – Thank you to my good friend Jocelyn and her five housemates for throwing an awesome Canada Day Party (and baking an awesome chocolate banana cake)!

Happy Belated Canada Day!

Obsessed: Embroidery Thread + Friendship Bracelets

24 Jun

Last week I shared my summer to-do list. One of the things on my to-do list is to plan a summertime crafternoon for my lady friends. I found some DIY ideas last week but am still searching for the perfect summer crafternoon project.

Friendship bracelets are hot right now. They are all over pinterest and etsy. I love friendship bracelets. Friendship bracelets were the topic of one of my first blog posts and I am so pleased this bright trend has been building over the last two years. These colourful bracelets are no longer for nerdy girls trying to fill their Girl Guide sashs with DIY badges at summer camp. Yes – I think it’s time for my new crafty ladies to break out the embroidery thread!

Check out these awesome tutorials. So fun and colourful!

one. two. three.

one. two. three.

one. two. three.

I think I found my summer crafternoon party craft.

Saskatoon Summer To-Do List

17 Jun

Can you believe it’s already June 17? There are only two and a half months left of summer! I have so many projects to start, parties to plan, and events to attend before the end of August arrives.

I am a very organized person and am a huge fan of goal setting and to-do lists. Soooo here is my Saskatoon summer to-do list full of fun summertime goals!

- Start and finish a painting. I bought a 20”x40” canvas yesterday. This summer I will complete my first large acrylic painting since my first year of university!
Read at least three books. Sometimes I am so exhausted at the end of the day it is much easier to watch television or mindlessly surf the interwebs than read a book. I want to spend as much time as possible reading this summer (preferably outside in the sunshine at the beach or park). Any good book suggestions out there?
Organize a potluck. After living in Saskatoon for nearly five months I have accumulated enough furniture to have more than one person over at a time. Par-tay!
Play bocce ball. I have a bocce ball set that has only been used a handful of times. It needs to be used more often.
Go stargazing. Vancouver was terrible for stargazing. I can’t wait to spend an evening outside with a quilt looking up at the stars and dreaming about the future.
Organize a photo shoot. I promised my friend Elysse that I would organize a photo shoot with her when I moved back to Saskatoon. This needs to happen soon!
Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan. I loved Bard on the Beach in Vancouver. I can’t wait to check out the Saskatoon equivalent.
Check out Saskatoon’s best summer festivals: Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, Wake Ride, A Taste of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Folk Fest and fireworks! I just realized that I’m not here for the Finge Festival, which makes me a little sad.
Visit the Mendel Art Gallery. I seriously can’t believe I haven’t been to this gallery yet, it is only a few blocks away from where I live. Shame on me.
Plan a crafternoon for my Saskatoon girlfriends! I haven’t had a crafting party since my birthday. I hope to have a crafternoon sometime in July. Ideas include: Cake Stands from Table Legs, Colour Blocked Coasters, Fish Scale Pendant Lamp, and Hemp Hoop Earrings.

Phew! On top of that long to-do list I am visiting friends in Vancouver and planning a vacation to Montreal and NYC! I’m looking forward to an amazing first summer in Saskatoon and a fabulous vacation exploring some of the best cities eastern Canada and America have to offer.

There is a lot of text in this post so here is a cool video for some visual stimulation:

I COULD HAVE DONE THIS.. from Briar Mark on Vimeo.

ps – please don’t judge me too much for creating a summertime to-do list!


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